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  • wtorek, 10 grudnia 2013
    • Congratulations on the 10th anniversary DollShe Craft!

      Dear DollShe Craft,

      Had it not been for your hard work and excellent craftsmanship, I would have not been able to write this review. I owe you so much! You really deliver upon your promisses, and I hope that one day you'll be crowned the best BJD company in the world. This is my wish for you for your 10th anniversary. It's an honour to have you with us for so long and I hope that you'll stay with your fans for at least 100 years more!

      Below you'll find my review of my favourite doll by you. Hope that it will bring smile to your faces. Here it is:

      Some people say that dolls are nothing more than inanimate objects, produced and designed to be played with, but many doll collectors, including myself, consider their BJDs as something beyond toys, more like remarkable works of art, towards which they grow a strong emotional attachment.

      The BJD doll that I want to write about is very special to me. It constitutes an irreplaceable element of my doll collection and home décor. It travels with me to doll meetings and takes my breath away every time I look at it. Its name is Saint.

      When I look at Saint, I always recall the image of Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It's incredible that a modern doll, created 500 years after Gioconda, has so much in common with this noble lady from the past. Just take a short glance at Saint's face. No matter what make-up he wears, or what colour his eyes are, you will find him full of enigma, as if he was holding some kind of a mystery inside. Despite that Saint was given harmonic, angelic features he's not peaceful. Underneath his skin there hides an ocean of wild, untamed emotions, which overflow you, when you look him directly in the eyes. Once you fix your gaze on Saint’s face you'll have the impression that you are being observed. He literally stares back at you, as if he was trying to hypnotize you. This unique feature distinguishes Saint from most of other BJD dolls. He appears alive to an unusual extent, which makes him exceptional. I believe, that the intensity of Saint's stare is his main asset – it adds the depth to the doll and can be beautifully depicted in photos.

      The face and its enigmatic look is not the only strong point of Saint. Let’s proceed to the body. Saint was equipped with a tall, slender yet strong frame, which is perfect for displaying fashionable outfits as well as more extravagant attires. His cat-like elegance combined with intriguing facial features make him a universal model. I believe, that if we had a possibility to turn Saint into a human being he would probably make a career in fashion modeling, and “conquer” the catwalks in New York, Milan and other capitals of the world fashion.

      Speaking of modeling – it’s impossible not to mention the impressive flexibility of the doll. Over 15 points of articulation allow to pose it almost any way one wants to – the only limit is the imagination. Although it takes some time to learn how to work with the doll's joints, the final results are truly worth all the efforts. Saint really knows how to use his body to impress – if he could speak he would probably tell us with a cheeky smile on his face, that he was born to be a star and that he is burdened with a glorious purpose, which is to receive nothing but praise.

      Saint is incredibly photogenic and camera lenses literally love him. It's not only because of his high cheekbones and distinct features, that change so easily in different types of lighing, but also due to the material Saint was made of. Fine resin is very much like marble – when it bathes in light, it reveals its soul to the viewer.

      As you would expect each part of the doll is sculpted to the highest of standards and I can't praise it up enough. My only complaint about Saint refers to his selling price. The doll is not cheap, it's obvious. However, he is a thing of extremely rare beauty, and the things that we really crave for are seldom cheep, so I believe that those, who really love this doll are able to overlook the price somehow. Once you have him in your hands you really forget about money issues.

      As far as I remember I have never been able to refer to Saint as to “a product”. The point is that for me he goes far beyond just being “a product”. It's all about the variety of emotions he brings – my impatient desire for him to arrive, the joy of opening the package, love at first sight of him after he had been deboxed and many, many more feelings. The real value of this doll can not be measured with something so trivial as money.

      Saint is EPIC. And let it be the last word of my review.


      PS. Epic stands for: Enchanting, Perfect, Irresistible and Cute :P 


      This review is my contest entry to the event organized by Dollshe Craft - see the link below:



      Tak, tak. Mam u siebie kilka lalek, o których nikt nic nie wie. Ale o tym  napiszę już po Nowym Roku. Głupio się przyznać, ale lalkowanie tak mnie wyprało, że ostatnio staram się trzymać z daleka od wszelkich tematów z nim związanych. W to, że pasja na nowo rozkwitnie w okolicach wiosny, nie wątpię. Z tego powodu pozwalam sobie na błogi urlop bez lalek. Zatem do wiosny, Szanowni! :)


      Edit: Drugie miejsce i 50% zniżki. Ha!

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